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Window Treatments

Flipping homes has become very popular in this market, understandably because as a flipper myself, I know how fun and profitable it can be. Unfortunately, I’ve seen some people go about it all wrong and not only loose profits, but the house flip that was supposed to be a quick sell ends up sitting on the market forever. I’ve seen many gut a home and then slap it together, only leaving it to look unfinished and quite frankly, like it’s still a flip. That is very short sided and leaving profits untapped!

Navy Draperies

Window treatment’s is one of those items that can leave a house looking dated, if they’re old or a home looking bare, naked, and unfinished if there are none. Many people get into flipping because they have a knack for design and great style and colors. When flipping a home, I would encourage you to stay very neutral as far as colors go. Grey may be the new rage or you may have a great deal of navy (trust me I love navy, read my blog on, “Navy is the new black.” But on windows, it needs to remain bright and light, white or cream preferably.

Now that we discussed color, let’s discuss product. The first product I would like to discuss is shutters. Shutters are the only product that you can put on your appraisal as a home improvement since they are considered permanent. They’re like fine furniture for your windows! Another thing that’s great about shutters is they come with some sort of framing so for Florida where the window casings are typically just drywall, the trim really finishes it off nicely. I know shutters can be a bigger expense and depending on the size and price range of your flip, it may be too costly. Perhaps consider a shutter on a focal point window, such as, a kitchen window or a dining room window or a window that has an arch or an eyebrow…..or maybe the street facing windows.

shutters in living space

If this is one of your first flips and the investment of shutters scare you, try using a honey comb or roller shade. They both can be very clean looking and pretty, especially when using white. You can also get them in a cassette, which gives a nice-looking head treatment. Having a non-motorized, manual option will help keep costs down. You can also use cellular or roller shades on sliders. Whatever you do, do not put the plastic vinyl vertical blinds up. They definitely have great purposes like for renters, but for a flip, they will just scream out “dated” and when you are trying to showcase a home, you want it to scream new….I want to live here!

I hope this helps with one of the many tasks of flipping a home. It is a lot of work, but when completed, there is nothing more gratifying than seeing the beautiful end product and knowing someone is going to enjoy your hard work…. hopefully for years to come!



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