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The comfort of our home is important because, well, its our sanctuary! It’s the place we can kick our shoes off, turn the boob tube on and relax! Our home is where we get our well needed sleep and can share a meal with our friends and family.

Our house can feel so much more like a home when we can display our sentiments, such as, grandma’s special tea cup, or our kid’s art work, or family vacation photo’s. Surrounding ourselves with things that remind us of why we work so hard in the first place can make our house feel like a home.
One of the things that makes my house feel like a home is color. I have always loved to play with color and you will notice most of my blogs will mention something about color. I can remember when I was a teenager and my parents were adding a 2nd story onto our house. After sharing a bedroom with my two brothers during construction with buckets on our beds, catching water coming in through the roof, I think my parents felt a little guilty and gave me the freedom to decorate my new room any way I chose. I chose bright yellow carpeting…..yikes! well, at least it was cheery!

Today I have soft grays and it feels very relaxing. I often add a splash of red or orange during the holiday season which makes it fun. On our appointments, people often ask me if they should match their roller shades to their furniture, flooring or walls. Personally, I think it’s beautiful and subtle to match your flooring, like if you have a gray tile I think a gray roller shade is beautiful. But we also carry roller shades in those fun punches of color, such as, navy, pink, and even yellow! What’s fun about roller shades is they can be left all the way out of sight hidden during the day and then rolled down for privacy at night revealing that fun punch of color. If you are considering the idea of roller shades, call us and we would love to show you all the colors and fabrics we have to add one more thing to make your house feel like a home!

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