How Can We Help Small Businesses During This Time?

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With the Coronavirus pandemic, many small businesses are suffering and closing down. What’s heartbreaking about this is most of these business owners started their businesses out of a passion to represent something they love, believe in, and are good at. Whether it’s a pizza place, the painter down the street, a handy man, or a window treatment company, they all specialize in something.

I can remember as a kid, walking into an old fashion candy store in Wisconsin. The bells on the door jingled as my friends and I walked inside greeted by big smiles, and a joke or two. It wasn’t just the variety of candy that was so neat, it was the experience of the purchase. Sadly, that candy store closed down years ago. After all, it is so much easier to buy candy while at a big box store with all your other household items.

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Now 30 years later, we’ve added even another dominating purchase stream over small business owners….the internet! So, what can we do to help these really cool, wonderful and talented business owners? Here is a list of a few things I came up with.

  1. Don’t buy out of convenience alone. Yes, I know it’s hard, we all have busy lives and want that one shop stop, however, if there is one thing the coronavirus has taught us is to slow down! It’s easy to buy off the internet, but you may be missing out on some great input from talented professionals that can guide you to a better purchasing decision! Find that local, trusted professional then stick with them and spread the word!

  1. Ask for Referrals. Don’t just pick the big dogs on the internet. Ask your neighbors who they have used as a plumber, a hair dresser, or window treatment company! I like to think we do that anyway, but there are many circumstances where we are persuaded by fancy advertising or showrooms.

  1. Give them an outstanding Review. If you love how your mechanic went the extra mile with his services, then go the extra mile to leave a review and make it personal. State why you are recommending him or her and how he went that extra mile to make sure you were confident in his work.

  1. Like and Share. If you love your Realtor that helped you buy your dream home, find them on Facebook and social media and like and share everything they post of their business. You never know how that may lead to another sale.


The business climate is changing drastically, making it more and more difficult for small business owners to live the American dream.  To help support these hard working folks, let’s try to be more intentional on how we purchase. After all, local businesses are run by your neighbors and friends. They contribute to our communities not just with jobs and services, but by keeping your money spent locally with their own needs – buying vehicles, fuel, supplies, groceries, paying local taxes, banking and more! They help keep our towns vibrant and alive, and by being an active part of our communities often are best suited to give you the most relevant, helpful advice on the products or services you may need. Let’s all try to “keep it local” whenever we can!!!

-Karin & Steve Klancnik

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