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At Made in the Shade Sarasota we understand the hesitation of inviting contractors into your home. Customer service is where we shine! It can be a stressful and an uncomfortable situation. For instance, you need shades on that patio window, like a month ago, but you just want to get to that pile of junk on your counter first. Does that sound like you? Or you know you would get better sleep if you could put some room darkening window treatments in your bedroom, but darn, those piles of laundry are embarrassing. No worries! When I was a professional organizer, I came across major messes every day, some were even knee high…. literally.

I think I get an apology of, “I’m sorry, my house is a mess right now,” every time I enter a house. Please don’t apologize! We understand how life happens and things can take you in a hundred different directions. We have kid’s sports practices, a sick parent to care for, a needy dog, job stresses, and let’s not forget to mention shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry and all those other errands life needs us for.

The last thing that should add stress to your life is picking out window treatments! It seems so easy until you start researching and realize the choices can be overwhelming. There are wood shutters, composite shutters, real wood blinds, faux blinds, honey comb, roller shades, solar shades, and so many more. Don’t worry, there is a process of elimination that we can walk you through to find the look and feel you have been envisioning to work with your life style.

Steve and I have renovated about 12 homes, all the while living in them during the process. Talk about stress! We learned how to cook everything in a microwave, wash dishes in a bathtub, and probably inhaled more dust than any human should. But even as exciting as a kitchen renovation is, there really was no better feeling than when we dressed our windows. It was like adding color to a white canvas. It was that final touch that pulled everything together.

So yes, when you call Steve and Karin to come talk about windows, you get real people, who know real messes, and understand real struggles. We love the privilege to get invited into your sanctuary and give you genuine feedback, honest pricing, and by far the best service you will ever receive. We understand life, we understand homes and most importantly we understand the need for great customer service!


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