You Can Beat The Florida Heat!


With Spring and Summer right around the corner, this becomes a good time to get prepared for protecting your indoor décor and furnishings from the harsh UV Rays and heat. We recently visited a client that was in a new construction home and their computer screen melted sitting on their kitchen table in front of their window! Let’s face it; this would not come as a surprise to those of us that have spent a summer here in southern Florida. The heat gain from UV Rays can mean 20% more heat without window treatments.


Exterior Patio Shades

Made in the Shade carries high performance silver screen technology, with high reflectivity, as well as your traditional solar screens that come with different openness factors. Your openness factor is generally a 1% to 10%. You would choose a higher openness factor, such as 10% if your view is really important to you. If privacy along with heat and glare control is more important to you, then you would want to choose a 1-3% openness factor.

When considering a solar shade, technology is an important part of the screen. In general, light colors provide better heat performance and dark colors provide better glare performance, however, silver screen delivers both excellent glare control and energy efficiency with its 64% PVC and 36% fiberglass. It’s an innovative break through, featuring an ultra-fine layer of aluminum applied to the back side of the fabric. This product is also ROHS compliant with Green Guard Gold certification.

This is good news for those that like to crank the AC extra high. The amount of heat you are able to block is approximately 90-99%. Again, depending on your openness factor and material technology but this does not mean they will leave your house feeling dark. If anything, it is the opposite, increasing energy efficiency by managing heat while allowing natural day light. There are also black out options if you were looking for complete privacy options for a bedroom.

Solar Shades

A great difference in heat and light control for these solar shades verses a traditional blind is you have to open the louvers on a blind to see outside or allow light in, also allowing the heat in. With solar shades, you can leave them down all day, protecting your furnishings and décor while still seeing outside and allowing enough light without any adjusting or turning lights on during the day.

As we have said before, Solar screens are like sunglasses for your windows, making it the perfect way to beat the Florida heat! You can check out our innovative shade options at


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