How to Cover Florida Sliding Doors


Covering sliding doors in Florida can be challenging. They are often 2 to 4 sets of doors that can be very large. Not only are they large, but often times they lead out to a beautiful pool or ocean view, and who wants to block that out?! However, there’s no denying that the heat here in Florida can be brutal! One of our clients once told us about the direct sun coming in their kitchen window that melted their lap top that was sitting on the kitchen table because it got so hot… that’s intense! So how do you cut down on the heat and glare, have privacy at night, but still keep your view? Here is a review of 7 different options you may want to consider.

cellular shades

1.) Vertical cellular:  A vertical cellular is an excellent option that is clean, modern and streamlined. It has no cords, and operates just like a secondary door. It is an especially good option when choosing for a bedroom slider as it comes in black out and is one of the few options that can please a light sensitive sleeper. You can also get it in a dual configuration of light filtering and black out.

solar panel shades

2.) Sliding track panels: Sliding track panels are a great upgrade from those old fashion vertical blinds that are noisy and have been known to easily break. They are pulled closed in a similar way but have a look of a panel fabric, giving it much more of a modern feel. This would be a nice option for both room darkening and light filtering. They allow light to come through, if wanted, but give you great privacy.

Window Draperies

3.) Custom drapery: Custom drapery can give you an elegant look but still be functional by closing them at night. Florida is a great place to try out those new blue colors of the ocean, bringing in sea salt blue, aqua blue, or marine green. Gorgeous!

Soft Sheer Window Shadings

4.) Traversing Sheers: Traversing sheers are a great option because they will give you just enough privacy but still give you that peek-a-boo view. They bring in a touch of class and soften a lot of the stark look that new homes here have. They now can be configured with individual vanes for the look of drapery, but the functionality of vertical vinyl blinds.

5.) Shutters: Shutters can be in a form of bypass or bi-fold options. They can be a bit pricey when it comes to a large slider but the timeless coastal look of shutters can never be underrated!

Woven Averte and natural shades

6.) Vertical woven’s: Vertical woven’s are a beautiful look when wanting to bring in that natural element. They can hang like drapery, but have that natural grass look that a lot of designers love to use.


Exterior Patio Shades

7.) Horizontal shades or solar shades: I saved this for last because these products are the most versatile and popular options. Roller and solar shades can be motorized, and even be linked up to Alexa if purchasing an interface hub. Also, unlike a lot of other products, solar shades can cut down on heat and glare but still maintain that million-dollar view!

If you would like to hear or see any of these products in person, give us a call for a free consult. We will bring samples and colors to your home to see what works and looks best!

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