Home for the Holiday’s!

As I looked over my list of blog topics to write about, I came across, “Home for the Holiday’s.” Unfortunately, a lot of us will not be going “home for the holiday’s” this year. This leaves a lot of us missing loved ones terribly. Our home more than ever, has become a forced sanctuary, weather we want to be home or not. Home can be really comforting over the holidays or it can be a source of pain. I recently lost my dad so holidays this year will have some emptiness to it.

An advantage of living in Florida is it feels like a never-ending vacation. We may not get the white blanket of snow or the crackling fireplace, but anyone can agree that seeing lights around a tall palm tree is pretty spectacular. Being in the window treatment business, we get the privilege to share people’s vision for décor and help their homes become more comfortable and of course beautiful. It’s really fun to see how people in Florida decorate for the holidays, and it always amazes me how our shutters or shades can add that finishing touch to complete a room.

Formal Living Room Draperies

Recently we installed some beautiful white cornices with grey accents. This home had a newly remolded modern white kitchen with grey furniture. They had not even thought of new window treatments until they were all completed, but once they were up, it really was the finishing touch that pulled everything together. It was such a dramatic impact, yet it wasn’t even part of the original design.

Florida may not be the place you envisioned spending your holidays this year, but we hope you find some new reason to love your home! In Florida our biggest blessing is the sun year-round, yet that can be a challenge too because we have to account for the heat the sun brings into our home and the challenge of energy efficiency.

We are still working during the holidays safely, with our masks, so if you would like some recommendations on energy efficient window treatments and maybe even just something gorgeous like a cornice, please reach out, we would love to help you. Happy holidays from our home to yours and blessings while we all hunker down!

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