Window Treatments & Flipping Homes

Flipping homes has become very popular in this market, understandably because as a flipper myself, I know how fun and profitable it can be. Unfortunately, I’ve seen some people go about it all wrong and not only loose profits, but the house flip that was supposed to be a quick sell ends up sitting on […]

How to Cover Florida Sliding Doors

Covering sliding doors in Florida can be challenging. They are often 2 to 4 sets of doors that can be very large. Not only are they large, but often times they lead out to a beautiful pool or ocean view, and who wants to block that out?! However, there’s no denying that the heat here […]

You Can Beat The Florida Heat!

With Spring and Summer right around the corner, this becomes a good time to get prepared for protecting your indoor décor and furnishings from the harsh UV Rays and heat. We recently visited a client that was in a new construction home and their computer screen melted sitting on their kitchen table in front of […]

Home for the Holiday’s!

As I looked over my list of blog topics to write about, I came across, “Home for the Holiday’s.” Unfortunately, a lot of us will not be going “home for the holiday’s” this year. This leaves a lot of us missing loved ones terribly. Our home more than ever, has become a forced sanctuary, weather […]

10 Things to Know Before Buying Plantation Shutters

Purchasing plantation shutters is a significant investment, but that investment will provide increased home value, curb appeal, interior design, functional light control and energy efficiency for years to come.  Make the most of that investment by carefully considering the options and styles available.  Let our experts guide you through the process.   10)       Louver/Slat size […]

What Makes a House a Home

The comfort of our home is important because, well, its our sanctuary! It’s the place we can kick our shoes off, turn the boob tube on and relax! Our home is where we get our well needed sleep and can share a meal with our friends and family. Our house can feel so much more […]